The retreats are inspired by the need to recharge the healer within us, as focus and balance are challeged by our daily living environment. Activities and meals are focused on  restoring life energy  and well-being.

Title of the chapter in her  #1 best-seller, co-authored book, "Empowering Women to Succeed-Tough times don't last, tough women do", where Maria Grazia Bevilacqua shares how she survived a stroke, a brain aneurism and a massive brain surgery that left her partially blind.

Healing and Energizing Retreats

Inspired well-being and purpose

A message from God: never quit!


Natural Healing

"Success, in all areas of life, is measured not so much by the results one has achieved, rather by the obstacles one has overcome and the personal growth attached to them, while walking that path."

Maria Grazia Bevilacqua, DNM, DHS